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South Australia 

After coming back from South Africa, I had spent weeks looking for a job. Luckily, Calypso Star Charters was open to hiring me, even though we had never met, I earned my pay working hard as a deckhand and enjoying the many benefits of working for a shark cage diving operator in SA. I had met a lot of amazing folks, and learned a lot in the find out how you can book them, click the logo! 


Sharks & Sealions: The sharks ranged between 4-5m and I believe I saw females more often than males, however I could be wrong of course. Not many breaches, and still doing drive-bys in front of the cage, and I noticed they did not venture as close to the cage as they did in South Africa. We also had the opportunity to take people to interact with Australian sealions. They were very playful, when they wanted to be, however we also had limitations such as how far we could go in vs how far out.  Normally there would be a safety diver (me, generally) and another crew member in the dinghy (small boat) to pick clients up. It would be the crew member in the water responsible for keeping an eye on the clients and keeping them within the legal distances. Calypso Star Charters owns these images. 

Nature & Port Lincoln National Park

Now the first time I was here, I did not see kangaroos. However, towards the end of my trip my friends took me to see emus, and koala bears. It was a fun filled day!

iPhone Imagery

Most of us have smart phones these days, so it would be difficult for me not to include some of my mobile photography.  Keep in mind you can also see most of these shots if you visit both my professional and personal Instagram.