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First off, thank you for visiting and welcome to my website.  

I want my imagery to inspire. Through photography, I have learned many things. Not the least of which is to be self aware, to be grateful for the many blessings, and even hardships, that we go through in this world. My photography has awakened my soul to the absolute reality of this world, which is that what we think we create. In order to see that, one must be open to ALL that this reality holds.


I want my work to show anyone and everyone that there is always a new perspective. Life is a never ending lesson, as long as you or I are willing to learn and apply it we will always continue to grow and be the version we were meant to be on this planet. It all starts with perspective, and my work continues to challenge my perspectives. What my travels and photography have taught me is how to use the mind as a tool rather than have the mind use me.  Photography focuses the mind into the moment, it trained me to get through the noise, albeit a loud noise but no louder than one's own cage or that of society's box. 

"You are not a drop in the ocean, YOU are the entire ocean in a drop. BELIEVE you have untold strength and courage. When the world is crowded and loud, find a place of SILENCE within. All that you are arises from your thoughts.  With your thoughts, YOU make the world."

As far as inspiration for photography goes, I follow my heart. While my passion is underwater and shark photography, my mission is to inspire awareness of one's own inner power.. 

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