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Auckland, NZ

Before heading back to Australia for the second time, in late October of 2018, I visited a friend who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I stayed for 5 days, hit up a museum and a garden. It was rich with history.  

My Middle Name
Gannet Beach
Auckland Beach

I like wasps, I'm not as terrified as them as I once was...

Image w/in Image

I wish the original image was mine but it's not...


Structural imagery is not my strong point, but it still presents interesting perspectives.


Quite a sight to see this.


Incredible going through and learning about NZ's involvement in WW2. Amongst many other events.

Up Close

Sad to say I cannot recall what the history is behind this....

Oceanic Whitetip

If I'm wrong I'm sure the internet will correct me...

Great White
Nature's Beauty
Cloudy, yet Beautiful
Secluded Island

Don't take your life for granted, be grateful for the small things...


Not sure what species of bird this is, and I would be happy to edit as I find the meantime, birds always command a level of respect but in my opinion, not as much as sharks :) ha

Earth, Wind, & Water
Cliffs & Adventure
Group Fishing
Fun Times

My buddy, Josh, doing the Richard Nixon pose it looks like.

Back in Time

Feels almost like I'm with dinosaurs.

Fishing 3
Stairway to Heaven...or Not
The Beach
What Our Mind Sees

Granted, a fence was here when I took this image, but the reason I took this image is because our minds tend to throw up roadblocks so that we, our true selves, cannot or refuse to see the truth behind our own cage. Sometimes, a lot of times, society puts up this cage, "we just have to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living..." (Chris McCandless)


By changing your perspective, you change your life.

Gannet Swarm

Lots of Gannets on one edge....

At the Edge
Walking the Path

"There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path..." -The Matrix, Morpheus


Gannets compete for food, or quite possibly the attention of a mate, maybe even territorial...I'm not yet a behaviorist...

Observation is Key

Josh looking over at the landscape...

Gannet From Below
Luck of the Draw

Captured this image by chance, looking up above myself seeing a Gannet fly over me....just beautiful.


My earlier mid flight photography was below par, now it's not half bad....if I do say so myself.

Gannet Love

Or annoyance, hard to tell through their expressions...

Mid Flight

Enjoying their time...because there is no such thing as "time"

Flying Around
Going the Right Way

When you see, feel, or hear red're going the right way in life...I always take note of Danger signs, not only is it a way to break through my comfort zone and live life, but it's also teaching me to recognize the flags, and to approach with caution and respect.

Party of 4

Just the angle of this shot interests me. Not sure how others would feel about it.

Gannet Island

I feel like these birds own this part of town...

Open Wide

Love being close to water


A portrait of Josh, showing me around his local town.


Interesting perspective, underneath the seats of the table at Josh's place.

Beach View
House View
Where I stayed
Free Rum?

Well, I thought it was rum, turns out it was just rum mix....still 10% alcohol and I got it for free aboard the plane so....

Through the Wild

Not sure what types of tress these are, but notice how there are no trees that are the very same? Everywhere you look, no one tree is the same as the other...

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