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My name is Alex Wright, and I'm a photographer, a writer, an adventurist, and mostly an observer. I grew up in a small town in Maryland, USA. As a kid I fell in love with sharks, thanks to JAWS, and the ocean. I knew from a young age I wanted to work with sharks, in any way possible. From that point on my parents gave me a choice to either study karate or take scuba diving lessons and it was an easy choice for me. 

At the age of 23, and having graduated from Towson University with a degree in Animal Behavior, I moved to South Florida to work for Jim Abernethy. There I got the experience of working in a dive shop and on a boat.  I was grateful for the experience, it taught me many things and it paid off shortly before I left with diving in the Bahamas with Tiger Sharks. It was a surreal experience and one that I will never forget. 

If I hadn't left Florida, I might not have gone on to travel to the 3 hot spots on this planet to see and film the Great White Shark.  Personally, my favorite spot is and was South Africa, namely because I had some legitimate FaceTime with the sharks.  I never thought I would have gotten to see the Great White Shark alive, but I did and I am forever changed.  

I am now a certified PADI Assistant Instructor, and consider myself a seasoned world traveler. I do try to remain as humble as I can, for to enact real change we must work together and converse without reacting. 

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